Does It Matter Why?

There is a “game” being played by inner-city teenagers called “knockout.”  Basically; they walk up onto an unsuspecting person and punch them in  the face.  Points are awarded based on whether you knock the person down or out etc.

So, would you protect yourself differently from this threat than say a mugger?

From the perspective of someone being assaulted…the motivation of the attacker is irrelevant and has no bearing on the legality of self defense/use of force.

Whether they are assaulting you for fun, or profit, or racial motivation, or mental disorder, it doesn’t matter and unless you can read minds you won’t know until after (if ever).

Don’t try to get inside the head of a violent criminal, they don’t think and react like you do.  If they did; either they would be law abiding citizens like you, or you would be a violent criminal!   Just be alert and aware of your surroundings and prepared to protect yourself.Whether is it some warped game called “knockout”, a rapist, or a mugger…they all look for the same thing…an unsuspecting victim!  Don’t be their “victim.”


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